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Women-Owned Small Businesses are a growing & fierce force.

These are their stories.

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Celebrating Us

Too often, successful businesswomen of color are overlooked and underestimated. We’ve created a platform to celebrate your success, acknowledge your struggle, and share your story. 

Inspiring Others

Have you ever wondered how your favorite entrepreneurs run their businesses? Look no further! We’re going to give exclusive access to these businesses and the stories behind them. And we tell their stories so that you can create yours.

Learning Together

We’re not just here to give you the inside scoop. We’re also here to give you the tools you need to build & grow your small business. Sign up for exclusive content and workshops!

cdatbusiness behind the scenes

Meet your host

Christiana Datubo-Brown

Hi! Thank you so much for being here!

I specialize in transforming founders of minority- and women-owned online businesses into strategic CEOs. I help these CEOs become focused, confident, and profitable using a combination of tried-and-tested mindset and business strategies.

When I set out to create CDATbusiness, I wanted to create a platform where we could celebrate the amazing things women are doing with their businesses AND where newbies can discover what it really takes to be successful.

My deepest hope is that each episode will give you at least one moment of inspiration mixed with a nugget of actionable strategy.

I hope you'll join us!

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